Volunteering for Those Under the Age of 18

Here are some examples of activities that you can do to help the Center fulfill its mission (parental supervision may be required):

  1. Conduct a donation drive of wish list items (found on website) at your school, church, or local grocery store.
  2. Make animal boxes for use in our outdoor enclosures or at release sites for the numerous orphans we raise each year. Here are some examples:
  3. Make art projects, bird houses, or take nature/wildlife pictures for us to possibly use around the Center or auction off at a fundraising event.
  4. Clean up litter in a park or around your neighborhood.  Litter is a direct and indirect cause of injury to our native wildlife.  We have received patients that have had fishing line wrapped around legs or toes and plastic soda can rings around their necks.  Road-side litter also draws animals to road ways where they (or their predator) are more likely to be hit by vehicles.  If you come across an injured animal, please call the Center for guidance on what to do.
  5. Plant native plants and turn your own yard into a native wildlife friendly area. Research the native animals in your area (don’t forget the insects), find out what plants those animals need for their habitat, and incorporate those plants into your gardens.  The National Wildlife Federation has a wonderful program for wildlife gardens. 
  6. Raise a mealworm or earthworm colony.  During the summer months we purchase 20,000 mealworms a week to feed the numerous young songbirds and baby bats we raise each year.  The Center has a mealworm colony, but we are challenged with raising the quantity of mealworms needed.  You could establish a mealworm colony and donate some to the Center to help us feed the hundreds of orphans we raise each summer.  Earthworms are also eaten by several turtle species and an earthworm colony could be established as well.   
  7. Fundraise to sponsor an Education Program for your school/church/club/etc. The Center offers many different types of education programs, either at our site or yours. 
  8. Attend our Summer Camp. We offer several week-long sessions throughout the summer. Each day is an exciting new topic about wildlife and nature. Our education ambassadors are on hand to help with learning.  Our summer camp programs are a great way to prepare you to be a more knowledgeable volunteer in the future.

SPREAD THE WORD!  Tell your friends about the Center and its mission and what you’re doing to help our native wildlife!

However you choose to help the Center, please take pictures of your efforts and share your story and pictures with us.  If you think of other ways to help the Center or wildlife, please let us know your ideas.  If you have any questions along the way, contact us anytime at info@blueridgewildlifectr.org.


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