Internship Opportunities

The staff at the BRWC relies heavily on the help of college-age student interns, especially during the busy summer season, when the Center raises almost 1,000 orphan songbirds, mammals, and raptors. Currently, we offer 3- and 6-month internship opportunities. The 3-month internship is either part- or full-time, and runs from May/June to August. The 6-month internship is full-time only, and runs from April through September.  Both these opportunities are focused in the summertime, and are open to both local and out-of-state students.  We also accept interns during the winter season; these must be approved of in advance, and are usually local only.

Interns aid the staff rehabilitators to raise hundreds of wildlife babies each year and care for injured or sick adults. They learn about all the different species – natural history, human-wildlife conflicts and resolutions, and daily husbandry and medical care in a rehabilitation setting. Please click on the links below to learn more about these opportunities.

Please read our intern flyer for more information about the internship opportunity and how to apply.

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