General Education Programs

BRWC's general education programs are defined below.  

Wild Virginia!  Get up close and personal with your wild neighbors and learn all about their natural history. This program focuses on animals that live here in Virginia and interesting facts and stories about their lives. Animal guests may include: fox, skunk, opossum, squirrel, bat, snake, turtle, raptor. VA SOLs are covered in this program.

Wildlife in Winter.  It’s that time of year to pull on hats, a warm winter coat, mittens and boots. Have you ever wondered what our wild friends do when the temperatures start to dip and winter weather sets in? Learn how animals migrate, hibernate and adapt to survive the harsh winter weather. Animal guests may include: Arctic fox, turtle, snake, bat, opossum, raptor.

Wings of Wonder.  Come soar with the most amazing predators of the sky! This exciting program highlights the center’s birds of prey. Meet a couple of hawks and owls, or choose to focus on just one species. Find out how these incredible birds hunt and survive in the wild, and what you can do to ensure their continued survival. Animal guests may include: Eastern screech owls, Red tailed hawk, Red shouldered hawk, or Barred owl. VA SOLs are covered in this program.

All Creatures Great and Small.  Every animal in our area has a unique and important place in its habitat but unfortunately many animals are denounced because they are misunderstood. Let us introduce you to some of these “misfits” so you can help us dispel the myths about these amazing creatures. Animal guests may include: bat, snake, opossum, skunk. VA SOLs are covered in this program.

World At Night.  An entire world comes to life after you go to sleep. Find out what special adaptations many of our area’s nocturnal animals possess to successfully navigate life in the dark. Animal guests may include: bat, flying squirrel, opossum, owl. VA SOLs are covered in this program.

Help! I’ve Found a Wild Animal!  This program is designed to help inform communities of what to do when wildlife is encountered in your backyard. Specifically targets older audiences. Animal guests may include: turtle, snake, skunk, bat.

Wildlife Encounters.  Having a festival or event?  Spice it up with a live animal presentation. The BRWC is happy to give an educational program at your event. Choose any from the above presentations.

Birthday Parties.  Looking for a really wild way to celebrate your birthday? Hang out with some real wild ones from the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center! We will bring several native animals to your party for your guests to learn about, and suggest how you and your guests can help wildlife. Maximum number of children for a birthday party program is 20.

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