Education Program Pricing

Presentations begin at the scheduled time. The BRWC educator will arrive 10-15 minutes early to set up. The program will last 30 min or 60 min, there should be time at the end of the presentation for questions.

Please note – BRWC is not currently able to offer programs at locations over 1 hour of travel time from the Center. If you are still interested in a program, please consider coming to the Center or choosing a closer location.  

Prices shown here reflect 2019 prices.  

Small Group Presentations:

For groups of up to 50 people we offer small group programs. These are good for classrooms, church groups, scout groups, birthdays.

30 Minute Small Group Program: $200.00

60 Minute Small Group Program: $250.00

Assembly programs:

For groups greater than 50 people we offer assembly style programs. These are good for an entire school or large library program, a stage show at a festival or fair.

30 Minute Assembly Program: $250.00  

60 Minute Assembly Program: $325.00


There will be a set mileage fee added to the program price based on distance from the Center to your location. There is no charge for programs given on-site or within 10 miles of the Center.

0-10mi – NO CHARGE
11-20mi – $15.00
21-35mi - $25.00
36-50mi - $50.00

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