2017 Wildlife Discovery Camps

Looking for summer activities for the kids? Join the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center for our Wildlife Discovery Camps for ages 7-10 and 11-14. Your kids will learn about Virginia’s native wildlife, habitats, ecosystems, animal tracks and signs, and more! The Camp runs from 9am-3pm, Monday through Friday. Campers can sign up for individual days or the entire week! 

The information presented here includes:


Schedule and Registration

Age Group Week 1 Week 2
 7 -10 years of age June 19 - 23 July 10 - 14
11-14 years of age June 26 - 30 July 17 - 24


The individual camp cost is $50.  If you sign up for the whole week, the cost is $200.  
Please fill out one registration form per child.  Each registration includes a camp t-shirt.  

Meet the Camp Directors

Kristi Titus has taught fourth grade in Loudoun County for 23 years.  She earned her BA in English from Bridgewater College and her Master's Degree in Education from Shenandoah University.  Recently, she earned her endorsement to teach English Language Learners.  Ms. Titus started volunteering at Blue Ridge Wildlife Center in July 2014.  Ms. Titus is a Category 1 rehabilitator.  

Abbey Bierman

Ms. Bierman spent two summers interning at the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center before returning to direct the summer camp programs. Originally from Albany, New York, she worked in environmental education at Five Rivers Environmental Education Center before attending Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. At Bates, Ms. Bierman majored in Animal Behavior and Music. She is also a Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator through the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council. 

Camper Needs

Campers will need to bring a lunch, snack, and drink (water is best) every day.  Most camp activities are held outside, come rain or shine, so the camper should dress appropriately for the weather.  We recommend wearing play clothes and sturdy, close-toed shoes for hiking.  A backpack is best to hold these items and should include sunscreen and bug spray.  


Every day will feature short lessons, games and crafts, and potential face-to-face interactions with the BRWC's wildlife ambassadors. Each program is designed to meet some of the learning objectives of the Standards of Learning (SOL).   


What do animals need to survive? Come find out and discover the biodiversity of the forest. 
Wildlife Ambassadors: Virginia Opossum, Striped Skunk, snake(s) 
SOLs: 1.5, 2.5, 4.5

Hiding Out in the Food Chain

Come “play” hide-n-seek with some wild experts! See who they are hiding from and how an animal's ability to hide helps them to survive. 
Wildlife Ambassadors: Eastern Screech Owl, Eastern Box Turtle
SOLs: 3.5, 4.5, LS6       

The Pond and Beyond

Ever wonder what's going on just beneath the water's surface? Dive in to discover who lives in and around the pond on property! Take a look at water quality and learn how it affects wildlife and you! 
Wildlife Ambassadors:  Bats 
SOLs: 3.5, 3.6, 6.7

Raptors - Our Winged Warriors

Wings or feet? Fur, feathers, or scales? Unfurl your imagination to see what adaptations make birds of prey so amazing! Discover adaptations throughout the animal kingdom.
Wildlife Ambassadors: hawk, Eastern Screech Owl, Bald Eagle
SOLs: 4.9, LS9

Skin and Scales

Come learn about the similarities and difference between these classes of animals. We’ll explore why they have evolved and adapted so differently, and what makes species within these classes special. 
Wildlife Ambassadors: Virginia Opossum, Flying Squirrel, Wood Turtle, snake(s)

We Speak for the Trees...

And for the animals – do you? Join the BRWC in our mission to keep wildlife wild. Learn what it means to be a wildlife rehabilitator and how everyday people can make a difference in the lives of our wild neighbors.
Wildlife Ambassadors: Wood Turtle, Bats, Flying Squirrels
SOLs: 1.4, 3.6, 4.4, 6.7, 6.9, LS5, LS10, LS11


Come discover signs of different animals by seeing their tracks, listening for their movements, and more. We will learn how animals explore and leave their mark on the environment. 
Wildlife Ambassadors: Arctic Fox, hawk, snake(s)

Wild Neighbors

Learn how your actions directly impact the wildlife around you. This program will detail how humans can change their environment around them, but also how the biodiversity of an ecosystem can benefit humans.
Wildlife Ambassadors: Hawk, Cornsnake, Striped Skunk, and Virginia Opossum

Wild Medicine

Many different aspects are important to wildlife rehabilitation, such as veterinary science and animal behavior. This program will discuss the science behind rehabilitation work, and explain the different medicines, vet techniques, and behavior observations that occur.
Wildlife Ambassadors: Bald Eagle, snake, Virginia Opossum

Wild World

Every animal has a role to play in the ecosystem, and every ecosystem is unique in its own way. In this program, we learn the important aspects of each ecosystem and the wildlife that lives there. 
Wildlife Ambassadors: bat, Eastern Box Turtle, Flying Squirrel




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